How Do You Pick The Best Electric Bike?

A lot of individuals today are looking at the possibility of having an electric bike. Is an electric bike really worth it? Is it a good investment especially today? Now that gas prices can really hurt your wallet, you want an alternative that can get you from point A to point B.

The concept of an electric bike is simple. It makes use of a battery and motor to keep the bike running even without pedaling the bike. However, unlike motorcycles, the motor isn’t really that big to make you run as fast as motor vehicles.

What are things that you need to consider if you ever purchase an electric bike? How can you spot the best electric bike 2016?


If you will look at the different bikes out there, you will notice that there are those that cost around $300. There are also those that cost around $1,000. In fact, the prices of different electric bikes have a wide range. That means that you can get the right electric bike according to your budget. You need to have an idea on how much you are willing to invest. There are some bikes that could cost around $4000.

Now, if you are on a budget, you can always stick to old bikes and convert them into electric bikes. Converters are effective in making use of old bikes and turning them into electric bikes.

Different designs

Designs have been improved over the years. From aesthetics to the motor and the battery, you will be able to see different options for your biking preference. If you want a mountain bike, you can easily invest on an electric bike that has a mountain bike design. If you prefer to have the more aesthetically appealing retro bikes, it is also a possibility.

Check the reviews

You also want to check the opinion of other people when it comes to the different bikes. Similar to cars, you have to realize that there are good and bad bikes as well. Electric bikes may not be an exception. Try to look online about the durability of the motor. The motor and battery are the most expensive components of a bike. This way, you will have an idea how many years can the bike give you.

Test it

If you have the chance to test the bike, you should. This way, you will be able to know how exactly the bike feels when you use it. You want to evaluate if it is easy to ride the bike or not. Try to see if it has been ergonomically designed to fit your body type.

If you ever want to invest on a bike, you want to make sure that you do a lot of research. Try to see which one is better than the other. You just can’t decide to buy a bike simply because it looks attractive on their website. You need to consider a lot of things. Electric bikes make no exception to this. Good thing that there are a lot of options out there today.