Hard Water

Many people find that because the water in their house is hard, their skin and hair may become dry and perhaps even irritable. For this reason many of these people try to soften the water that comes into their house or at least the water that they use to wash or shower with. It isn’t just our skin and hair that can suffer from hard water though, our clothes, if washed in water that is hard, can become brittle and last far less longer than they would had they been washed in softer water. There are several types of water softener available and as it is probably best to look for one that will soften the water in the whole house, you should review best whole house water filter options before deciding which one to buy. Although there are many different brands that make water filters, some stand out above the others and these are Fleck, Waterboss, Morton and Aquasana. Of these fleck is probably the best established with over 50 years of experience behind them although Waterboss has also been around for quite some time also and have also become been highly rated all around the world. Fleck, with its experience is often thought to lead the field in water softening technology but Waterboss places a lot of importance on avoiding water wastage and or many people this can be a high priority when making their choice. Morton is perhaps better known for producing salt as it is America’s number one salt producer however; they also produce salt based water softeners which are currently receiving some great reviews. Aquasana also make some good water softeners and the priority they have in mind when doing so, is the environment. Whilst ensuring that they make high quality water softeners, they also ensure that their products leave as small environmental footprints as possible and sometimes because of that, people will opt to choose their products above others.

According to recent reviews, these are some of the best water softening products available today. Aquasana Premium Rhino (EQ-1000-AST) which has salt free conditioning which leaves no excess salt in the water system. It also does not totally get rid of all the minerals in the water which can be good for health. Unfortunately though, the water from this system often does not feel as soft as water from some of the other systems and it needs professional installation. The Waterboss 220 generates soft water on demand and is quiet but does leave trace amounts of salt in the water. Overall, this is considered to be a good system for families of 4 or less and is affordable. The Eddy Electronic Water Descaler is a very affordable system that whilst leaving healthy minerals in the water, does not leave ant salt and so is considered to be very eco-friendly. The Fleck 5600SXT whilst being efficient, does remove all minerals from the water that could have been healthy. Although the nuvoH2O, salt free system is efficient and is relatively light, the replacement cartridges may be too heavy for some people’s liking.