Ebay, Etsy And Mass Customization

It was surprising for many people when Etsy raised about 27 million, and counting. Etsy is known to be the place where handmade goods are sold and this just baffles some people because not all people thought that low tech handmade goods were very much liked.

Very similar to the success of Etsy was the success that eBay had a few years ago. Many people were also surprised when eBay, which sells mostly forgotten items from your garage or attic, was doing very good. Today, eBay has a lot of different products from different sellers. Many of them may already be selling mass produced stuff but this isn’t what made eBay so successful and popular among the masses.

The Common Factor

If you take a look at what eBay has past the mass produced products, you will see that they have auctions and sales of garage items, antiques, and other one of a kind pieces. Similarly, there is also a great number of unique handmade items that you can find on Etsy. See the pattern here? People love unique items because it is somethings special to them. This is also what mass customization aims for. Being able to provide customers with products tapered to their choice and still affordable.

The Fight Of Small Business

Small businesses are fighting a difficult fight against the bigger company that mass produced products in order to save cost. Small businesses have improved their chance by offering unique products. Nowadays, the internet is greatly helpful in making it possible for small businesses to do business with other small business, other big businesses as well as their customers. It is also seen that being employed in huge companies isn’t the only way to have a reliable source of income. Bringing out your talents and skills through the small businesses is also a risk but is rewarding in the end. There is also a demand for unique and customized items from jewelry to baby stuff, there is a better appeal in unique handmade items rather than mass produced ones.

Mass Customization

The competition among businesses is tight nowadays. Businesses are doing their best to provide the demands of the customers and this means more Custom Products 2016 will be offered. This isn’t just true for this year but for years to come. The only problem with customizing products is the additional cost. Although consumers want customized products, they still want the price to be near the price of mass produced products.

The question is who can meet this kind of demand? The big companies are doing something about this by opting to allow their customers to make small changes or choices to the modular products. This will enable the mass producers to still mass produce but tweak the assembly of their products to the demand of the customer. For small business like those in selling platforms like Etsy, the demand can be met by simply producing custom products depending on the demand. With a lot of small businesses making custom products, the demand would be easily met. This is the future of small businesses that we see today but there is still a lot of room for other developments.