GIMPshop A Welcome Development In Photo Editing

Since time immemorial, it has been the yearning of humanity to record the events and even images of people in forms which they could always save and look back at when they want to remember such events and images. Hence, cameras and videos were invented to make sure that the past will be dearly remembered, and these inventions take humanity a bit closer to getting back to the past.

Nowadays, new inventions are coming out and new pieces of software are being developed to ensure that some photographs and pictures are enhanced. Say, for instance, the Adobe Photoshop was developed and designed to tamper on an existing photo and enhance that photo creating nuances which are not present in the original photo. We can’t help but ask whether when we use Photoshop, we are also tampering on history. Yet, in a way, it is safe to say that the development of Photoshop is somewhat motivated by the narcissistic human tendency to amplify and enhance something to a point that that something becomes no longer true and real. Though it is okay always to look good to others, it is somehow not good to tamper on a photo to make it look lovely and more than what is it.

The Adobe Photoshop

The Adobe Photoshop was developed and released in 1988. Since its publication, it has become the standard in raster image editing. It has been unchallenged for several decades; and only now, the GIMP and GIMPshop were also developed for raster graphics editing, and have been giving Photoshop a certain challenge. Now we could say that you can use Gimp and GIMPshop as an alternative to Photoshop. Later on, maybe, after several years, the word “GIMP” would also evolve into a verb form, and we could say whenever we want to photo edit something that we are going “to GIMP it,” similar to how the word “photoshop” has slowly evolved into a legitimate English verb.

Just like Photoshop, GIMP can compose and edit raster images using multiple supports and layers masks, and just like Photoshop, the features of GIMPshop can also be expanded via the use of different plugins.

If you are used to utilizing Photoshop in your works of photo editing, you will surely be asking whether GIMPshop can level up to the standard of Photoshop. Well, this question is definitely understandable considering the fact that Photoshop has been lording over us for several decades without being challenged by anything near its standard. The bad thing, however, with this kind of Photoshop monopoly is that the price tag of Adobe Photoshop software is really very expensive. Hence, a lot of Photoshop users utilize illegally-gotten copy of Photoshop software, since they could barely afford its exorbitant price. Yet, with GIMPshop which can be had for free, photo editors now have a worthy alternative to Photoshop, something that is usable but not expensive. GIMPshop’s development is so much welcome in the sphere of photo editing. Although further development of GIMPshop has been a bit slowed down by some legal complications about rights, yet, at its present form and with the help of plugins, it is still a viable alternative to Photoshop.